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Cosmetic Dentistry


If chipped, stained, worn or crooked teeth are "Hiding" the real you, it's time to consider a Smile Makeover with The Gist Design Process!

Our practice treats simple to serious restorative and cosmetic challenges with permanent and conservative fixed prosthetic solutions everyday. We invite you to stop the patchwork dentistry cycle of care and consider a comprehensive standard of care that supports your health through ‘The Gist Way’ of beautiful bio-compatible materials. Successful aesthetic based dentistry to restore decayed and missing teeth, broken and worn out bite relationships and disfiguring cosmetic challenges is all about the design process! Dr. Gist has over 30 years of experience in rehabilitation dentistry, and our entire restorative team has the artistic perspective, experience and a solid communication skill set to delivery the world class predictable results our patients seek us out for!

Come in for a consultation. There are many ways we can give you a youthful, attractive, natural looking smile!



Dr. Gist can treat discolored, stained or aging teeth with our state-of-the-art whitening process. The treatment can be completed in just over an hour in our office, or you can choose at-home treatments. A dazzling smile isn't just for celebrities any more. Dr. Gist has been bleaching teeth for over 30 years. He was one of the very first cosmetic dentists in Texas that was using carbamide peroxide to whiten the color of his patients teeth. Our office has learned many clinical protocols to solve some of the various complications of whitening a patients smile. Our experience may be of great value for you and your overall aesthetics!



Think of this treatment as a permanent customized manicure for your smile. Gist Veneers are beautiful conservative ceramic restorations that are designed and fabricated by Dr. Gist's personal ceramist / artist. After your teeth are minimally prepared and sealed, beautiful custom temporary restorations are fabricated for our 'smile design patients' to wear for several weeks as their customized veneers are being made. These temporary restorations are also designed to specific goals based on a pre-operative diagnostic 'wax-up' of Dr. Gist's proposed changes. Temporary (Interim) restorations are a very important part of the The Gist Way - design process. These temporary veneers are beautiful interim restorations made of highly polished bio-compatible resins, and allow a patient to be comfortable, confident and attractive for the short time required to fabricate the final ceramic restorations. Dr. Gist' Temporaries are also extremely valuable in the proposed design process of our patients new smile. Understand that a new smile design in the laboratory does not always translate to the perfect design in the patients mouth.

“As we introduce the variables into the design process such as the lips, muscles of the face, gums, shades of other teeth and overall cosmetology of the patient (skin tone, hair and eye color), as well as the individual and unique goals of each patient, the parameters for excellence often change.. We use our temporary restorations as the ‘canvas’ in which we fine tune the changing parameters by adjusting the incisal contours, lengths, bite relationship, phonetic speech patterns, and shades. These ‘micro adjustments’ in the design of the temporaries, allows us to fabricate the ‘Final Restorations’ in a manor that will ensure our patients receive the exact look and comfort they desire with their new smile.” This is another of the hundreds of clinical protocols that set our process apart from the current standards of care, and why it has been labelled by other professionals as ‘The Gist Way’.”

We will never be a part of the current ‘Smile or Crown in a Day Philosophy’ that is starting to take hold in our profession. Computer generated CAD Technologies that actually cut and mill final restorations as a patient waits in the office the same day, sounds like extreme value! However the truth is that a computer and milling machine can never take the place of the human artful eye as it relates to color, shading, contour, translucency and overall design! The short amount of time our patients spend in temporary restorations allows our team to ensure the highest level of predictability as it relates science, art, form and function in our patients restorations


The Gist Way ensures great final value for our patients and friends! We believe it is this commitment to Excellence is the reason why we have patients from all over the world see our little practice in north Texas as a ‘Destination Dental Practice’ for Cosmetic & Rehabilitation Excellence!