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Dental Staff


“We have been privileged to treat patients from all over the country
at this same location in Southlake for nearly 30 years.“


Shelley Simon, Treatment Coordinator / RDA

For 18 years, I’ve been taught everything I know from the best restorative dentist in the world. Understanding why Dr. Gist restores teeth the way he does ‘The Gist Way’ and having the clinical protocols that bring tremendous value to our patient’s restorative and cosmetic dental care is what makes my job amazing! My family, including extended family are all patients in the practice. After seeing the level of dentistry Dr. Gist does, I wouldn’t let them go anywhere else! I consider my work and family all one unit. Dr. Gist even said the prayer at my wedding. The best part of my job is loving what I do and enjoying coming to work. What we do here is life-changing—not only for the person’s health, but also for their confidence! Seeing the pure joy that comes from our patients after we have finished a full mouth rehab is so rewarding.


Tammy Doporto, Front Desk / Hygiene Coordinator

I strive to maintain and practice Dr. Gist’s philosophy of providing relationship-driven health care. Working with Dr. Gist has made balancing my work and home life very easy because he is so family-oriented—and being a part of his dental team family has been such a blessing! Working with the best cosmetic dentist and the most amazing restorative team to transform the lives of our patients is the best part of my job. When our patients smile, I know that we connected with them in a meaningful way that changed their life!


Jenna Gillund, RDH, Registered Dental Hygenist

I have learned so much above-and-beyond my skillset as a hygenist working for Dr. Gist. He counts on me to provide his patients with the highest level of care, and in-turn I am excited to be a part of each of their restorative journey. Dr. Gist puts his patients and his dental team at the core of his priorities and I am grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of it all. His practice is really like a family for all who visit here.


Monique Rose, RDA

I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn and work at one of the very few dental practices that performs high-end full mouth restorations. The undivided attention I am able to provide to each of Dr. Gist’s patients also allows me the time needed to always provide thorough hygiene care. The best part of my job is assisting Dr. Gist chairside witnessing him giving each patient back confidence with a youthful smile.


Rachael Zuniga, RDA

Hands down the best part of my job is working as a team to turn a patient who is unhappy with their smile into one that can not stop smiling! Dr. Gist has formed a strong and unified team that upholds his superior standards for dental care and we grow stronger with continued education. The opportunity to learn from his experience is one we all take seriously and we don’t take for granted that we get to learn from the best!







Our Practice does not attempt to be everything to everybody, as that is simply unrealistic. We are committed to a higher standard of clinical and aesthetic excellence using only biocompatible materials that support systemic infection free health. This is accomplished in a loving environment that features ‘The most amazing dental team in America!’

From the quiet and serene location to the welcoming and personable team, people know right away that this dental practice is unique. For 30 years, Dr. Greg L. Gist has proudly served the people of North Texas and beyond from his dental practice in Southlake Texas. Dr. Gist’s state-of-the-art Dental Office is in the same location that he has practiced in for three decades. “Our new restorative studio was constructed around the way I love to practice. It was built with large oversized operatories and panoramic / ceiling to floor windows that bring a sense of art and extreme views of the beautiful property that our office has been on for all these years!”

Dr. Gist and staff are privileged to see patients from all over the U.S. as well as several foreign countries. Our reputation for metal free restorative/cosmetic dentistry is based on a world-class standard that truly is unsurpassed in the dental profession. Dr. Gist graduated with honours from Texas Tech University receiving a B.A. in Sociology along with a double minor in Biology and Chemistry. Dr. Gist then graduated with honours and received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas Texas. Dr. Gist has studied personally under Bill Strupp DDS in Clearwater Florida for over 20 years, and has attended the Strupp Postgraduate School of Fixed Prosthetic Dentisry. Dr. Gist attributes Dr. Strupp for the personal mentorship clinical training, and friendship that solidified his vision for a ‘standard of care’ that is above and beyond any current standard in the profession today. Dr. Gist’s patients are the beneficiary of this level of clinical, infection free and aesthetic excellence. Dr. Strupp said recently that “Dr. Gist started out as the student, but has become The Master in north America, as it relates to Restorative / Aesthetic based Rehabilitation Dentisty.”