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Restorative Dentistry


Restorative Dentistry refers to the rehabilitation and improvement of natural teeth that been damaged or lost to decay, trauma or natural and un-natural wear.


Our Team is always amazed at the 'lack of input' most patients that enter our practice have ever had, as it relates to the dental materials that are put in their bodies! When it comes to the material choices that are available in Modern Restorative Dentistry today, Dr. Gist believes that only Bio-compatible materials that are time tested and that are NOT controversial as to their potential toxicity, are the only materials to consider putting in your mouth and body! This standard has served out patients very well.

Toxic Mercury alloy, temporary plastics and porous resins, non precious and base metal crowns, water soluble cements, removable appliances of plastic and non precious metals are all materials that we do not use in restoring our patients teeth, bite relationships and smiles! Dr. Gist only uses Bio-compatible and time tested materials that support systemic, periodontal and aesthetic health of our patients.

Dr. Gist uses numerous methods to conservatively restore teeth and help you obtain optimal oral health. Materials that our practice use on a routine basis include composites (for temporary restorations only), pressed ceramic / porcelains, high noble gold in specific cases, and surgical grade titanium as it relates to surgically placed dental Implants. The list is short but profoundly important!

If you have any questions about dental restorative materials, please be encouraged to call our office and talk to any of our restorative / surgical / clinical team members. Our clinical team has over 25 years of working under Dr. Gist’s philosophy of care! These are the only dental materials that our dental Team has in their own mouths and their families mouths as well! “When you know what you know….. You TRULY KNOW!”